The Days That Start with ‘S’: Volume 1

If you know me, you know I’m a bit of a workaholic.

If you don’t know me, I’m sorry. And, I’m a bit of a workaholic.

That’s why, in my ongoing attempt to creatively (or boringly, I’ll let you decide) divulge some glimpses into my life through Loved, Actually.

My latest grand idea is to regularly focus on the days that start with ‘S’, a.k.a. Saturday and Sunday. I work in sports so while I sometimes work weekends, I can still highlight the other “cool” stuff I try to do.

And for Volume 1, I’m starting with a bang. Two weekends in one post! Lucky you!

Sunday, January 31

County General on Queen Street East

On this day, I made a very hungover trip to the Queen Street East to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift for Steve. He had mentioned that he was looking at a Junior Wells record “Hoodoo Man Blues featuring Buddy Guy” the previous week, but didn’t buy it since he had deemed it too expensive.

Enter the best girlfriend ever…. and the most humble, clearly.

After a few calls into the Tiny Record Shop, the store’s staff located the vinyl he’d been pining over and put it on hold for me. Side note: definitely check this place out, so much more than a record store and the employees are really amazing.

I made the drive over to the Tiny Record Shop but ended up being about 30 minutes too early… woe was hungover me. After a few dramatic moments deliberating whether I should just go home, call it a day and fail at being thoughtful, I decided to stick it out. So, I popped next door to the County General for a cup of much-needed coffee.


One of my favourite bands over some of my favourite beverages

The staff at the County General were kind and happy to fuel my errand with a delicious cappuccino. I spent my time people-watching (I apologize to said people) and listening to some great music. The vibe at this County General was the same as that of the one on Queen West: laid back, a bit rustic and friendly.


This photo was taken while deciding whether I was hungry or not, one or my more regular feelings.

I definitely recommend making a trip to one of the County General locations for more than just a cappuccino. Their County Fried Chicken for Two with Gochujang and Hoisin Espresso BBQ sauce features Toasted Sesame Avocado & Pickled Onions…. Need I say more?

Well yeah, I must need to say more or I wouldn’t be writing this but County General also has one of those fancy drink menus where inexperienced but aspiring cocktail aficionados like me question:

What are bitters? Why would I want egg white in a drink? Is Ginger Beer like Butter Beer?


Work it, cappuccino. You’re beautiful.

Seriously though, great date spot, great place for dinner with friends. I’ve been here on a pub crawl, a date, a family dinner and now, a hungover cappuccino!

P.S. Got the record, won girlfriend-ing for the week.

Saturday, February 6 & Sunday, February 7


The following weekend, Steve and I decided to take a few days to ourselves before a big week-long work event as a chance to getaway and celebrate Valentine’s Day.

We went to a Wonder of the World! Niagara Falls.


Niagara Falls

We started our weekend at Fallsview Casino, which I’m told is better than Casino Niagara. I don’t really know the difference because they both have flashing lights, loud jingle-jangles and take my money. And apparently, based off of my last sentence, turn me into a 70 year old man.


Up next was Steve’s recommendation… Grover’s Bar & Grill in Amherst, New York. He convinced me that crossing into a country where Donald Trump could become President for a pound of chicken wings was worth it, so off we went!


Located about 30 minutes over the Rainbow Bridge, Grover’s was pretty colourful. The walls are covered in clever quips and sayings and the whole place is about 2,000 square feet. The very first thing to catch my eye on the menu? Cheeseburger soup.



Cheeseburger soup was to die for, oh my gosh.


Next up were the wings! Steve got a single of Garlic Parmesan, which is usually my go to… so I got a single order Thai Sweet Chili.


Garlic Parmesan


Thai Sweet Chili

Yes. They were as good as they look, definitely worth the drive. If you happen to be in Buffalo or the surrounding area… Make. The. Trip.

For a couple as obsessed with food as Steve and I, Grover’s was a good destination for a short weekend trip! Also, their burgers looked like they weighed as much as my cat, which I’m pretty sure is as disturbing of an analogy to write as it is to read… let me know.


The rest of the weekend was Niagara Falls at it’s very finest: taking in the Wonder of the Falls, bowling, visiting Margaritaville and speaking too much money.

I firmly believe that residents of Ontario take Niagara Falls for granted and we often forget how majestic and breathtaking they truly are until we take a moment to reflect on the wonder of nature and the fact that we really do have an actual Wonder of the World in our very own backyard.


Oh, and the Canadian side is way better than the American’s – take that D. Trump.


County General in Riverside, Grover’s in New York and Niagara Falls were Loved, Actually.

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