Playback: Volume 2

So, it’s been a while. I haven’t posted in months, primarily because I’ve been out trying to enjoy my time off this summer! As a result, I feel like I have some catching up to do.

I wrote the first volume of Playback to share what I had been listening to lately, if anyone cared to find out (hopefully you do if you’re still reading…)!

Green Day – Bang Bang (2016)

GREEN DAY IS BACK. Let that sink in for a second, 90s kids – They. Are. Back.

This song is so Green Day it hurts. I once proclaimed that Green Day would be my favourite band of all time forever and while that isn’t necessarily true (that title is shared between Queen and U2 – more on that another time), they are definitely in my Top 10. So give Bang Bang a listen and tell me that it doesn’t evoke some wicked cool nostalgia in you.

Journey – Faithfully (1983)

This is one of very few songs that I think is way too short. I don’t know why it evokes so many feels for me since I have neither been a rock star or dated one – but it’s definitely a favourite of mine.

Faithfully is the type of song that I would sway around my living room to after too many glasses of wine and remark on how it’s “just so good”. I hope you agree.

Childish Gambino – Fire Fly (2011)

You might know him as Donald Glover from Community or Girls, but I knew him first as Childish Gambino. His album Camp is absolutely amazing and to this day, I only really like listening to it in its entirety. If you enjoy this song, give it a go!

Goo Goo Dolls – Big Machine (2002)

The Goo Goo Dolls have so many good songs, but the chorus of this track makes it one of my favourites. This song is so upbeat but angst-y at the same time, which is basically how I spent the early 2000s.

And I’m torn in pieces
I’m lyin there waiting for
My heart is reeling
I’m blind and waiting for you

Barenaked Ladies – Lovers in a Dangerous Time (1991 cover, originally by Bruce Cockburn)

This song is a rare instance of preferring a cover to the original. Bruce Cockburn’s version is great, but it’s the writing that brings me back to the Barenaked Ladies cover. I just find that their version comes across as a bit more meaningful.

CHVRCHΞS – Clearest Blue (2016)

I’ll end with a dance party.

If you don’t know of my love for CHVRCHΞS, consider this your newsflash. They are unreal and so underrated in today’s music scene. I recently saw them for the second time at WayHome and I’m pretty sure Lauren Mayberry made eye contact with me like five times. I loved every second.

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